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Confined Space Training

Improve Your Employees’ Safety with Confined Space Training

Help your team determine the risks and how to act responsibly when working in a confined space with Up-Beat First Aid’s confined space training. Our instructors will ensure your employees and management team know what to do and how to handle situations in confined spaces, reducing potential accidents while improving processes. With us, your team will be free to complete the project at hand without undoing any safety protocols. Our confined space training course is available in Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Prince George, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John’s, Grande Prairie, and surrounding areas in northern BC and Alberta. Book your spot today. 

Green Seal Confined Space Training is Designed For Major Industries

The Green Seal confined space training course is designed for companies that have employees work in confined, tight and limited workspaces. These can include an atmosphere where there is limited oxygen or high exposure to toxic chemicals, if a space presents the potential for injuries or if the activity can be harmful in the space. This important course can benefit the oil & gas, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

Take Advantage of our Confined Space Training

Establishing roles and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and managers, identifying restricted and confined spaces and adhering to OSHA legislated standards are some of the key benefits of this course. Most importantly, systematically, you’ll also help employees use safety equipment, improve workplace morale, enhance your reputation in the industry, and ensure emergency responses are in place in case of an accident. We can further highlight the advantages of this course when you book your spot.

  • Provide specific-industry training 
  • Help employees use safety equipment
  • Understand emergency response
  • Implement proper policy process 
  • Establish roles and responsibilities 
  • Identify potential hazards

Frequently Asked Question

Upon completing this course, your confined space certification will last for three years from Energy Safety Canada. Employees will be required to get a minimum score of 70% to earn their certification. Our instructors can help them with that.

Several of our first aid and safety courses can work with this one. These include H2S training, CPR and occupational and workplace first aid. By implementing these courses together, you can enhance your workplace significantly.

No, at this time, we do not offer the confined space course online. The course is available at our training facilities, located at ​​Dawson Creek and Chetwynd, and on-location in Fort St. John’s, Fort Nelson, Prince George and Grande Prairie. Please check our calendar to find a date that works for your team. If a set date doesn’t work for you, we offer flexibility to work with your team.

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