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Workplace Training

Enhance Safety Processes with Our Workplace Training

Each industry requires different training to meet the unique and dicers needs of the individual workplaces. Up-Beat First Aid offers many courses to help meet the needs of your workplace. The various courses will help make your worksite a safer environment for your team.

Medical Terminology

Those wanting to understand medical language and terms used in the industry while expanding their knowledge base can benefit.

Blood Borne Pathogens

Workers exposed to blood and body fluids can benefit from this course. They’ll learn how to prevent and how to respond to any exposures.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Drivers must have an understanding of receiving, handling and transporting dangerous goods, and responding to spills or accidents.


All workers who work close to hazardous materials must have Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training. This is an online course that is self-paced.

Lock Out Tag Out

All employees should be trained in the basic concepts of hazardous energy and the best ways on how to respond to any unexpected energizing or start-up of machinery and equipment.


Food handling, sanitation and work safety are crucial to the food processing industry. This 8-hour course covers foodborne illness, receiving, storing and preparing food, cleaning and sanitizing.

Cannabis in the Workplace – Management

Business owners and managers can benefit from this course, as it focuses on cannabis use, impairment, and practical guides to develop policies and procedures.

Cannabis in the Workplace – Workers

Ensure workers know the difference between recreational and medical cannabis, their effects in the workplace, and both employer and employee responsibilities and rights.

Does Your Company Need Our Workplace Training?

Manufacturers, food processors, laboratories, truckers, farmers, and many other major industries in western Canada can benefit from our workplace courses. Understanding and responding to your industry’s most common problems can ensure your operations continue to operate effectively.

The Benefits of Our Workplace First Aid Training

Understanding suspected dangers, responding to them effectively, and making the workplace safer are some of the key advantages of our training. Others include faster responses during an emergency, reducing incidents through awareness and creating a more positive workplace for employees and management.

  • Act faster to emergencies 
  • Understand potential threats 
  • Respond to threats effectively
  • Make workplaces safer 
  • Reduce incidents through awareness 
  • Promote a positive environment

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