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Occupational First Aid

Protect Your Workers With Our Occupational First Aid Training

Make your workplace safer, reduce accidents and keep employees happy and secure by training them with our occupational first aid courses. At Up-Beat First Aid, our experienced, friendly and insightful instructors will teach your team the responses of first aid training and how it saves the lives of fellow employees.

Occupational First Aid Level 1

This Level 1 certificate is for worksites where basic First Aid is required by OHSR. Training includes practicing the basic essentials of first aid.

Occupational First Aid Level 2

This is an Intermediate Level course for individuals who want to become Urban first aid attendants with training being 5 days & 35 hours of instruction.

Occupational First Aid Level 3

A comprehensive course that develops First Aid Attendants who are working more than 20 minutes from a medical facility and undertake high risk jobs. Includes 70 hours of teaching time.

Transportation Endorsement

Taught on the second day of OFA1, this course covers managing, moving and supporting conscious and unconscious trauma patients with severe injuries during emergencies.

Why Your Company Needs Our Occupational First Aid Training

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, as a workplace, it’s important to ensure your workers and management are well-trained in first aid response. Our occupational first aid training courses are for work sites where basic First Aid certification is required by the OHS. These can include oil & gas, mining, schools, manufacturing, agriculture, and several other industries.

The Benefits of Our Occupational First Aid Training

While making your workplace safer, reducing accidents and keeping your employees safe and happy are key advantages to undertaking this program, there are several other benefits. The other benefits are using first aid kits correctly, making your workplace more cost-effective and productive (due to reduced injuries), and improving safety processes and industry reputation.

  • Make workplace safer 
  • Improve safety processes 
  • Reduce accident 
  • Keep employees happy
  • Use first aid kits effectively 
  • More cost-effective operations
  • Increase productivity 
  • Enhance reputation

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