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Fall Protection Course

Enhance Your Team’s Safety with Our Fall Protection Course

Even the tiniest fall or trip can result in severe injuries that can ruin someone’s life. Make sure your office, workplace or facility is safe and secure with our fall protection course. At Up-Beat First Aid, our experienced instructors will help your team understand the perils of falls, learn how to prevent falls and injuries, and the safest way to respond. With hands-on practice and assessments, your team will be confident to handle any falls in the workplace. Take part in our fall protection course at one of our facilities located in Chetwynd and Dawson Creek or schedule on-site training for your team in Fort St. Johns, Fort Nelson, Prince George or Grande Prairie.

Fall Protection Training Designed For Your Industry

Section 140 of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code states that employers are required to prepare and implement fall protection programs when work-at-height situations include: a) a worker may fall 3 metres or more; or b) not protected by guardrails. These terms can apply to major industries, including construction, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing and agriculture. Assess your workplace conditions and requirements to determine if you need our in-person fall protection training.

Reduce Injuries & Keep Your Workers Safe with Our Fall Protection Course

Teaching your employees how to work at heights safely, allowing management and employees to assess potential dangers, and most importantly, preventing fatalities are the key advantages of this course. You’ll also ensure you meet OHS requirements, reduce any potential litigation, improve your reputation and maintain a high-level of professionalism.

  • Prevent fatalities 
  • Teach employees how to work at heights
  • Assess potential fall dangers
  • Meet OHS requirements
  • Improve reputation
  • Maintain professionalism

Frequently Asked Question

The course takes up to 8 hours to complete. While extensive, it is essential for workplaces where working at heights is a concern.

Your team will learn about fall protection concepts, legislation and regulations, safety measures and best practices, and identifying and assessing fall hazards. You’ll also learn about the effects of a fall rescue plan and utilizing systems and equipment.

Indeed, it will be. All participants will get hands-on training activities, including inspecting, fitting, adjusting and connecting fall protection systems and components.

No, unfortunately our fall protection course is only available in-person. You can visit our facility in Chetwynd or Dawson Creek or schedule on-site training for your team in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John’s, Fort Nelson or Prince George.

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