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H2S Course

Keep Your Workers Safe With Our H2S Course

Protect your workers from the dangers of hydrogen sulphide with our H2S courses. Hydrogen sulphide is a dangerous naturally occurring gas that can affect the lives of your employees, even causing death. Our H2S course is designed for any worker exposed to H2S, preparing them to act safely and responsibly around it. Our instructors will ensure your team is ready and safe to handle this gas in all situations. Our H2S course is available in Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Prince George, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John’s, Grande Prairie, and surrounding areas in northern BC and Alberta. Contact us to register for on-location training. Save your spot with Up-Beat First Aid today. 

Does Your Company Need Our H2S Course?

Multiple industries use hydrogen sulphide (H2S), including manufacturing factories, refineries, food processing, mining operations, and sewage services. Employees exposed to this gas can get irritated eyes, nose and throat, while more moderate cases can result in headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Higher levels of exposure can cause shock, convulsions, coma, and death.

How Your Company Can Benefit From Our H2S Course

Undertaking our H2S training means your company, including both workers and management, will understand how to assess and control H2S exposure, the importance of protective equipment, how to detect H2S and how to respond to it. We’ll also help you understand the properties, health hazards and potential sources of this gas. In doing so, you’ll ensure your employees are safe and know how to work with and around H2S while also adhering to regulation standards.

  • Protect employees 
  • Enhance workplace processes 
  • Prevent accidents
  • Learn about safety equipment
  • Understand response procedures
  • Adhere to safety standards

Frequently Asked Question

It depends on the level of exposure. The higher the exposure, the more dangerous it is to your workers. Low-level exposure can cause eye irritation; moderate levels can result in fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches and high levels can cause respiratory distress and death. This course ensures that your employees are safe and secure from these dangers.

Our H2S courses will be hosted at our training facilities in ​​Dawson Creek and Chetwynd. We also offer on-site training in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John’s, Fort Nelson and Prince George. Please check our calendar to find a date that works for your team. Please enquire with our team to learn more.

Yes! Not only will you be making your workplace safer for your employees, but you’ll also ensure you boost morale amongst the team, increase productivity, and enhance your company’s reputation. The better your safety training, the better your organization will run and be seen by prospective clients and employees.

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