emergency first aid training

Emergency First Aid Training

Protect Your Team With Emergency First Aid Training

Ensure your team is prepared to handle emergencies in and out of the workplace with our emergency first aid training. At Up-Beat First Aid, we provide our clients with the opportunity to prepare their employees and management to handle any emergency situations with clarity, calmness and purpose, thanks to our courses and experienced instructors. Visit one of our modern facilities in Chetwynd or Dawson Creek. We also offer convenient on-site emergency first aid training Grande Prairie, Fort St. John’s, Fort Nelson and Prince George. Book a course today and be prepared for anything. 

Emergency First Aid & CPR C

Respond to emergency situations both at home and work with this comprehensive one-day course. Choose from CPR A and CPR C.

Standard First Aid & CPR C

A comprehensive course that covers the basic essentials of both first aid and CPR treatment and response. Certification is valid for three years.

Standard Child Care First Aid & CPR B

Learn basic life-saving CPR and first aid skills with a focus on children. This two-day course is designed to introduce caregivers to injury prevention skills and knowledge.

Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR B

Save young toddlers and children by learning the essentials of emergency child care first aid with this dynamic course.

Who From Your Company Needs Emergency First Aid Training

Medical emergencies, accidents and incidents can happen anywhere at any time. Although they are particularly prominent in workplaces with heavy machineries, such as mining, agriculture, oil & gas and manufacturing, they can also happen in medical centres, schools, and sporting events. This means frontline workers, teachers, parents, and management are trained in first aid. Doing so ensures your employees can respond in the right manner to an emergency and save a life.

The Advantages of Our Emergency First Aid Training

  • Save a life in a crucial moment 
  • Response calmly and correctly
  • Assess the emergency situation
  • Minimize damage 
  • Reduce potential litigation concerns
  • Enhance regulatory requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

CPR A focuses on helping adults only and meeting workplace health and safety requirements. In contrast, CPR C focuses on techniques for adults, children, and infants and includes Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.

This course requires a minimum of 8 hours in-class and a minimum of 75% mark for written knowledge evaluation. You’ll also have to attend 100% of the course.

You will be certified for 3 years. You do not need any prerequisites to attend the initial certification.

Yes! There are several courses that cover similar responses or can be used together. These include our Advanced First Aid course, EMR course or Transportation Endorsement Course. Our courses are held at our facilities in Dawson Creek and Chetwynd, while we also offer on-site training in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John’s, Fort Nelson and Prince George.

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