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Drug & Alcohol Testing Course

Prepare Your Team with Drug & Alcohol Testing Course

Drugs and alcohol can have a negative impact on your workplace, disrupting productivity while putting employees’ lives at risk. By implementing drugs and alcohol testing, you can detect and reprimand intoxicated employees, reduce accidents, improve workforce safety and enhance morale. At Up-Beat First Aid, we offer occupational drug and alcohol testing managed by leading our experts, ready to make your workplace safer. Access our course online or in person. We offer training at our facilities in Chetwynd and Dawson Creek. We can also travel to your location in the regions of northern BC and Alberta, including Prince George, Fort Nelson, Fort St. Johns and Grande Prairie. 

Drugs & Alcohol Testing Services

+ DOT and Non-DOT Situations
+ Employees Returning to Work
+ Post-Incident Testing (including call outs, in-house or on-site)
+ Pre-Employment Screening
+ Pre-Access to Work Sites
+ Urine POCT (Point of Collection Tests) 7, 8 and 10 Panels

Why Sign Up For Our Drug & Alcohol Testing?

As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring workers are safe at your place of business, be it in the retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, construction or energy industries. Employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol can put lives at risk, affect workplace and public safety, and impact job performance. It’s important to establish an environment where drug and alcohol abuse isn’t tolerated while working. Our testing will help your workplace develop worthwhile policies on drugs and alcohol, creating a safer environment for all.

When Can I Conduct Drugs & Alcohol Testing?  

While you have a duty to create a safe working environment, there are certain rules and situations to administer drug and alcohol testing. Employers can conduct these tests in the following conditions: 

  • Accident: When an employee has caused or contributed to an accident in the workplace 
  • Job: When an employee is operating or working in a position that demands safety measures be strictly followed 
  • Suspicion: If there was confirmation that alcohol or drug use was used at work or if a worker confesses alcohol or drug use or dependency 
  • Preserve the safety of employees and the public 
  • Create a safer environment for management, employees & the public
  • Establish drug and alcohol policies 
  • Teach employees the dangers of working under the influence 
  • Detect, warn and penalize intoxicated workers 
  • Prevent injuries and save employee lives

Frequently Asked Question

The basic six-panel urine POCT test detects amphetamines, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, PCP and THC (the active ingredient in cannabis). However, we offer 7, 8 and 10-panel drug testing, which detects a more extensive list of illicit drugs. These can include Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, MDMA (ecstasy) and OXY (Oxycodone).

There are several signs that employees might be impaired, including increased absenteeism and sick leave, reduced productivity, increased anger and conflict with other employees, and disregard for workplace rules and culture.

Ensuring your management team and workforce have a thorough understanding of first aid training, including CPR, AED, emergency and safety training, can help reduce long-term injuries and save lives. Some workplaces require specific training related to their industry; we’re happy to offer several.

Yes, we do. We offer on-site testing in Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John’s, Fort Nelson and Prince George.

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